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The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced results for the 2017/18 financial year ended 30 June 2018. It was another year of robust growth for the Club

NZ Thoroughbred Breeders'

This is the final blog from our Keith and Faith Taylor Equine Irish National Stud Scholarship recipient

Mike De Kock Racing

My stable and my family have just experienced three potentially life-changing days. The grooms’ strike at Randjesfontein has left us contemplating the future, writes Mike de Kock in his blog.

Laura Winstanley – Racing Groom

“I’d encourage anyone with an interest in horses and working outdoors to become a Racing Groom”

Things are done quite differently here compared to the way we do them in New Zealand. 

There are 26 students with diverse backgrounds from Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, China, Japan, Australia and myself representing NZ on this year’s Irish National Stud course. We are doing weekly placements all over the stud so we are now into our third week.

 “Once, I grasped opportunity through hard work;
Today, my faith has borne fruit, and I no longer waver in the face of adversity.”

Given how volatile today’s social climate can be, it may be hard to convince anyone that “hard work always pays off”. Nevertheless, 20 years ago, Bee Chan, then a warehouse keeper, was already a firm believer in “realising opportunities through hard work”.